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Hattie Collins' Work as an Arts Facilitator

Hattie Collins is a firm believer that the arts should be accessible to all. Art is not only an outlet for communication and creative development and expression, but also a necessity for human progress. Collins works with a variety of individuals and organisations across many artistic methodologies to ensure the power and potential of art is shared.


Hastings Contemporary's Young Artist Lab

Hastings Contemporary; 2023

13 young people aged between 11 and 16 attended a series of workshops once a month for three months in an effort to learn new creative skills. The workshops were based around sculpting a three-dimensional papier-mâché model, with the first session making sample versions from polymer and air-dry clay, the second session creating the sculpture, and the final session painting and decorating the final pieces. Participants worked collaboratively and made the sessions a very supportive place to express their artistry. 

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Creature Puppet Making

Hastings Contemporary; 2023

A 2-D puppet-making workshop as part of Hastings Contemporary's Family Day initiative, continuing to promote the gallery's efforts toward recycling, sustainability, and an awareness of local biodiversity. Participants of all ages created colourful, moving creatures that echoed the natural environment and were submitted to The Wild Escape Project to form part of their online exhibition on Earth Day.

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Griffin-Making Workshop

Walthamstow Market; 2022

Working under Artillery Arts, this event took over Walthamtow Market to celebrate the installation of Sandie Sutton's Walthamstow Griffin. The evening event was open to all with many art stools, including griffin making with myself and Sandie, allowing participants to take home their own smaller-scale friend made entirely from recycled materials.

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Halloween Collage Workshop with Wood Street Walls

Cyanotype Workshop with Mayflower Primary School

Walthamstow Town Hall; 2022

Held outside Walthamstow Town Hall, this workshop attracted many visitors of all ages to spend as much time as they desired creating halloween-themed cards and posters.

Mayflower Primary School; 2022

Delivering an educational teaching lesson to classes of Year One in Photography and History, involving drawing and collaging found materials onto transparent surfaces to print onto coated paper. Each student created a unique cyanotype print to be used for display or taken home.

Family Cyanotype Workshop

St Peter's in the Forest; 2022

Working again with St Peter's Church as part of their 'Forestival' event, families collected leaves from the graveyard and drew on tracing paper to create amazing cyanotype prints inspired by their surroundings.

Events at St Peters

Jubilee Park Nature Trail with Willow Brook Primary School

Jubilee Park; 2022

Guided by artist Lucy Harrison, we led children from Willow Brook Primary School on a guided tour of Jubilee Park where the children were encouraged to observe and sketch biodiversity. We later returned to the classroom where illustrations were finalised and collected for use in nature trails and publications for the park.

Family Cookbook Illustration

Children's Halloween Workshops

St Peter's in the Forest; 2022

Working alongside St Peter's Church for their upcoming community cookbook, families were encouraged to create illustrations using clay, paint, drawing, collage and 3D plate creations.

Events at St Peters

Greenway Avenue Community Garden; 2021

A series of workshops at Greenway Avenue Community Garden for children aged 0-15 for Halloween. Workshops include polymer clay models, window displays, and decorating spooky hanging ornaments.

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Children's Art Workshops for E17 Art Trail

Assistant for Sharon Drew in Creative Workshops

Greenway Avenue Comminity Garden; 2021

A series of workshops at Greenway Avenue Community Garden for children aged 3-12  which was exhibited as part of the E17 Art Trail. Workshops included bunting painting, cyanotype printing, and hanging ornament making. The workshops each used recycled materials and had a focus on nature and sustainability.

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Co-Facilitator at Freedom from Torture

Various locations including One Hoe Street; 2020

Sharon Drew provides workshops involving drawing, printing, mixed media and collage available to all ages and abilities. Hattie Collins has helped with the delivery of some of these workshops including 'Across the Spectrum' installation and children's workshops.

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Intergenerational Exchange

Freedom from Torture; 2019

Working with Freedom from Torture, Hattie Collins engaged herself in creative projects with the charity's clients, including curating an exhibition of photography works and assisting Articulate alternative artistic process workshops.

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UnTold Stories

Sheffield Hallam University; 2017

Again under DigiTales, this project collaborated with adults from a range of backgrounds who created digital stories depicting the relationship between reading and technological advances.

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Reading on Screen

Springfield Care Home; 2018

Hattie Collins worked with fellow artists to facilitate a series of photography workshops at Springfield Care Home. The photographs were then exhibited to friends and family in the Home.

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Braintree; 2017

Under DigiTales, this project worked with young individuals residing in the Salvation Army Housing Association in Braintree Foyer. The workshops encouraged participants to produce a digital story of a life event, to be showcased in an International Storytelling Conference.

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