A Scannography Collection

This project explores a journey through East London following the Lee Valley trail, documenting flora and fauna. The result is a summary of wildlife found within the East London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Hackney and Newham. The series addresses the advances in habitat and environmental development throughout East London, whist simultaneously encouraging an interest in acknowledging and continuing to support wildlife. 

Smooth newt; Lissotriton vulgaris, 2017

Blackberry leaf; Rubus, 2017

Common wasp; Vespula vulgaris2017

Dandelion; Taraxacum officinale2017

Brown centipede; Lithobius forficatus2017

Bitter dock; Rumex obtusifolius2017

Common toad; Bufo bufo2017

Common ivy; Hedera helix2017

Common woodlouse; Oniscus asellus2017

Cherry blossom; Prunus serrulata2017

Immature earthworm2017

Common daisy; Bellis perennis2017

Bumblebee; Bombus2017

Herb robert; Geranuim robertianum2017

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